Donors Double Down with an Additional $50,000 Infusion Toward Scholarship for Chico’s Accounting Students


In 2017, accounting students learned that the surviving children of Fred and June Lucchesi had awarded a $50,000 scholarship. The Fred and June Lucchesi Memorial Scholarship has now doubled it’s funds to Chico State Accounting students allocating $100,000 to those students in need.

The scholarship is open to any junior or senior with a 2.5 GPA or above that has a demonstrated financial need. However, financial need is not the only consideration. The scholarship committee also considers the student’s commitment to the field of accounting, academic achievement, and student involvement when selecting a recipient.


Fred and June Lucchesi.

For nearly 40 years, Fred and June Lucchesi operated Fred Lucchesi Public Accounting in Chico. They demonstrated the enormous impact individuals could make when approaching life and career with passion, hard work and a commitment to their family, clients, and community. The Lucchesi’s met and were married in their hometown, Oroville, California. After Fred received his bachelor’s degree in business and accounting from Armstrong College in Berkeley in 1936, they moved to Chico. Fred and June both worked in local businesses then established their Public Accounting firm in 1949. They began their distinguished accounting career without today’s technology: using handwritten ledgers, adding machines, and typewriters. Besides running a successful business, they raised three children, were active in Chico’s civic organizations and long-time fans of Chico area sports at all levels.  

This memorial accounting scholarship is to honor the Lucchesis’ high standards, integrity, and accomplishments. Fred and June held education in high regard and inspired others to pursue it. They were never too busy to lend a helping hand to those in need. This scholarship pays tribute to Fred and June’s ideals and life objectives and will hopefully be sustained by its’ recipients.